Jan 16, 2015

Kickstarter: PowerUp - Unbelivably founded project

Looks like sometimes simple idea may become very popular and provide larger income that author can imagine to himself. This is exactly happened to the Shai Goitein, author of Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane on the KickStarter.

Jan 15, 2015

Google Ventures Review 2013

Bill Marisfounded Google Ventures (GV) in 2009

Jan 14, 2015

NFC technology is a data exchange format and based on existing radio frequency-identification (RFID) technology.

RFID have a wide usage mostly among companies that working with a bulk of products on a daily basis.

Jan 13, 2015


There is a lot of interesting projects funded on Kickstarter. Today we will review some ambitious project which related to the electronic circuits.

When some person wants to create electronic circuit, he requires some special electronic parts such as transistors, capacitors, diodes and breadboardin order to test vitality of the design.

Analisa Russo from Electroninks Incorporated looked the way for creating low-cost, high-quality electronics that can be used for educational purposes as well as for life hacking or any other creative process. Analisa developed Circuit Scribe as part of her PhD work in Illinois University.

So what is that Circuit Scribe we talking about ? Actually it is a roller-ball pen that writes with conductive non-toxic, water-based silver ink. It allows to create clear smooth ink lines on the paper. A pen is drying instantly and has no smell .

Another great attribute of this project is that it is an Open-Source project. It allows to use Circuit Scribe with Arduino, Makey Makey, and many other electronic platforms.

So why Kickstarter ? Since the authors of this projects wants to make it affordable to many people, they need to manufacture Circuit Scribe at a large scale. Another reason is to build an online education portal for Circuit Scribe. It will be relevant platform for kids, educators, & makers with activities, lesson plans, and user-submitted projects.

Interesting fact that project’s goal was at $85,000.Till now project funded on Kickstarter more then $670,000 !

Source : KickStarter

Jan 12, 2015

Blog design is updated

There are passed a lot of time since i wrote my last post. I was busy at work (apparently project management isn't easy as it look like :) ) so i decided to be more active and to continue publishing posts more frequently then now.

Anyway i changed UI design and i hope it will be more attractive and convenient for my readers and for me as well. I still need to fix some small details like pictures re-sizing and etc. Anyway it already starting looking good :)

Jul 8, 2013

Simple examples in DART

A week ago i was looking to make some project of mine and it led me somehow to the Dart. At my opinion, the best way to get familiar with new development lang is to code some small program. So i would like to share three very basic examples i coded:

1. Chart Graph

The usage is very simple: you provide data and colors for each data. Data is numbers (like you see on the picture), colors is color for each data respectively.

2. Clock Widget which looking like following :

The idea behind this clock was that inner arc represent hour, medium arc represent  minutes and the most external represent seconds. Each arc "closing" its radius (0 - 360 degrees)  and then arc disappear and starting again. Inside we can see running clock. Unlike traditional watch, mine finish its cycle not on the top, but one the right side :)

3. Image Filter

Here i playing with pixels. A little bit  tricky for understanding. Important to mention that each pixel represented by 4 params: R,G,B,alfa.

The reason i publishing it, is that for someone it can give a little boost in the Dart. Anyway any comments are welcomed.

All examples working for M5 dart version!

All examples can downloaded it from here. Good luck :)

Jul 5, 2013

Draw Image on Canvas in Dart

I was looking for display image within canvas via dart. The problem is that the most trivial solution crossed my mind was :

CanvasElement context = query("#canvasImage");
CanvasRenderingContext2D ctx = context.context2D;

ImageElement image = new ImageElement(src: "myImage.jpg");

ctx.drawImage(image, x, y);

But the problem that it is simply not working. So i came up with the following full functional solution :)

import 'dart:html';

CanvasElement context = query("#canvasImage");
CanvasRenderingContext2D ctx = context.context2D;

ImageElement image = new ImageElement(src: "myImage.jpg");

void main() {

void drawImage(){

var x = context.width / 2;
var y = context.height /2;

image.onLoad.listen(onData, onError: onError, onDone: onDone, cancelOnError: true);


onData(Event e) {
print("success: ");
ctx.drawImage(image, 0, 0);

onError(Event e) {
print("error: $e");

onDone() {

Examples working for M5 dart version!

May 16, 2013

Filter columns in DataGrid

Recently i have encountered in some issue filtering columns in DataGrid. That can be achieved by following code :

The result of such code may look like following:

But there is some problem with this code :

  • When clicking on any column, we don't see any feedback it was clicked
  • No filter applied when clicked on column anyway
Actually the solution is very basic, although it need to be explained a little:
We defined CanUserSort on each DataGrid column. We defined CanUserSortColumns in whole DataGrid as well. But there we miss something small but important detail: Since we defined DataGridTemplate and we didn't define how we would like to sort, WPF doesn't know the way to sort for us our items.

In order to explain him, we should add property (SortMemberPath ="Property_name") in each DataGridTemplateColumn. So the following code will look similar to this:

As we can see we do get feedback when pressing on the specific columns and our items just sorted as we required !

P.S. Reason i have used images when introducing the code is the in the plain code part of the symbols was deleted by the blog engine.

Mar 25, 2013

Inspiration and creativity

On my opinion, inspiration is related directly to the creativity. When inspired, person feels less limitations than in regular situations and it can allow him to see daily basis routine just in different way.

Inspiration bring with itself a mix of great and healthy feeling which can vary from person to person. For someone it is calm, happiness, ability to see ordinal thing in more wide spectrum. For other it can bring energy, willing to create or try different thing he is never tried before!

Be optimistic can lead us directly to the inspiration which actually part of creativity. There is no creativity, if non inspiration is involved!

On my opinion inspiration is state of mind that have a great influence on our mood, point of view, how we see surroundings or how we react to the external factors.

So it lead us to the next challenge: how we constantly reproduce inspiration ?

I see following ways to keep our inspiration (of course it is very personal):

1. Listen music that make you happy. It does not really matter what music it is. The key is, it does make you feel great!

2. Surround yourself with those kind of people. Let sad and crying people disappear from your life. Connect to happy and active people. Just their look or smile or small talk will give you push to the right direction.

3. Be proactive. Turn TV/PC off. Go walk on the fresh air. Any routine action we produce, put us on specific track were we stop thinking and doing mechanical actions. Stop live by inertia.

4. Do something different/exceptional. It means be also open minded! To think different, to considerate, to take view of another person.
What are your ways ?

I am sure there are a lot of others ways to constantly reproduce inspiration. I wanted just to show some point :) So be keep your inspiration back on track and always stay  creative !