Leap Motion Development - Connection and Initialization

9:17 AM

Yesterday i finally got my new Leap Motion dev board. Since i always very interesting in various fields and aspects in development, i was very curious regarding this device capabilities.

As expected when the box was opened and device was connected, I have installed drivers for the device (device come along downloaded SDK from https://developer.leapmotion.com). After that i have created simple console project as explained here. Since i Have Windows 8 x64 and Visual Studio 2012, i tried to run this project.  It took me some time to understand what dll's should be involved and what their exactly location should be. So I would like to share this knowledge since i think i am not the only one who get lost a bit. Instructions:
  • 1. Create simple project as explained here.
  • 2. Add reference to LeapCSharp.NET4.0.dll or LeapCSharp.NET3.5.dll (depends on what .NET version you are using) to your project. Those dlls can be found inside SDK - "Leap_Developer_Kit_0.7.3_2234_Windows\Leap_SDK\lib"
  • 3. Copy all folder x64 inside your bin/debug folder as folder.
  • 4. Run project and enjoy :)

At this point i exploring SDK to understand how things should be done :)

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